Sharing Your Writing Online

Everyone has expertise and passions that they can now share, with the world. The Marble offers a convenient platform to publish your writing and earn royalties from your content. If you are wondering what a page on The Marble looks like. This page was created using The Marble's publisher and conforms to it's layout. Be warned, once you get into it, creating your own web pages can be a lot of fun.

Registering and publishing on The Marble is completely free, so why not go ahead and Register Now.

Originality of content

Content that has been handcrafted, by you, tends to be the most useful and of the highest quality. The The Marble website is setup in such a way as to direct readers towards unique and content rich pages.

Content on The Marble is available for everyone to read, so we do insist that what you publish is suitable for readers of all ages.

Some article ideas

Many writers find deciding on a topic, to be the toughest part of creating a quality web page. Let's look at some article ideas.

1. Write a top ten list: Because you have the list, when you start writing the page, these types of articles have a framework. You then simply need to flesh it out. Some top ten lists practically write themselves.

2. Read a book, watched a movie, share your opinion on The Marble.

3. Games: Why not write a page about your favourite game or gaming hardware.

4. Where do you like to go and what do you like to do when you get there?

5. Do you know someone who you feel deserves to be recognised. A teacher, family member or perhaps a friend who inspires you?

6. Maybe you have a great website, that you would like to tell the world about. You can even put a link on the page and send some traffic to your site.

7. Have you been on a holiday recently. Try doing a travel page, sharing your personal experiences may attract more readers.

8. Do you have a bee in your bonnet about something. A good rant can be fun. You might be surprised by how many people have the same issues.

9. You could create a page to help promote your favourite charity.

10. Are you looking for members for your Facebook group. Tell the world about your group and attract the right sort of members.

11. Do you know a little something about fashion. Write a page about what's hot in the world of fashion right now.

12. Is your football team doing everything right or could they be doing better. There are a lot of readers for sports related content.

13. Promote a cause, from sustainable living to peace in the Middle East, tell us what you believe and why we should care. 

14. Do you have a local business that you love and support. Tell us about them.

15. What are your kids up to. Are they joining the cricket team, taking up drama, share it with us.




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