Sand Tiger Shark Facts for Kids

The sand tiger shark also known as the spotted ragged tooth shark, grey nurse shark and blue-nurse sand tiger is a fascinating creature. The thing that you notice about them first is that you can always see their teeth, even when their mouths are closed. They however tend to swim around with their mouths open. If you where to look inside a sang tiger's mouth, you would see 3 rows of razor sharp teeth. Although they do look scary, you shouldn’t worry because they aren’t that dangerous to people. They do not like to eat people, and the only reason that they may attack a human is if they feel as though they are being threatened. Simply knowing this fact might not make them seem any less scary to you though; because they can be anything up to 11 feet long, which is more than twice the size of the average human. They do not have bones like many other fish do, but instead their skeletons is made from cartilage. This is like what you can feel at the end of your nose. Their size is one of the main reasons why they are so popular in aquariums. In addition to this, they survive better in captivity than other shark species. You are sure to learn new facts about sand tiger sharks here, that you could share with your friends. One interesting fact is that these animals breathe underwater using gills. This is the same method fish and other breeds of shark use to breathe. However, these sharks differ from others as they sometimes come up to the surface of the water and gulp air. They store the air in their stomach making them neutrally buoyant. This means that sand tigers don't need to use energy to stay low or higher in the water.

Look at those teeth

The way that these animals got their name is largely due to the way that they hunt. Usually, these sharks will do their hunting at night, and they choose to do this near the edge of the shore. This means that they have to remain in the sand, which is how they got that part of their name. With regards to the tiger part, this is thought to be due to the fact that the animals have such a large appetite. An average meal can be large, and can include things like small fish and also things like lobsters and squid. Study of sand tigers has revealed that their favourite food is bony fish like mullets, eels, and sea basses.

Although there are some sharks that reproduce by laying eggs, the sand tiger shark gives birth to live pups. It is not widely known for the animals to have large litters, and usually there are two pups born at once. These usually weigh around 13 pounds and are about three feet long. This is around the same size as a 4 year old child, so is already quite big as soon as it has been born. As soon as the shark is born, it is able to eat and swim on its own, although it will usually stay around its mother for a period of time, after it is born.The protection she gives, greatly increase the baby shark's chance of survival.

Sand Tiger Sharks on Discovery

Most animals have to be wary of other animals, that could eat them. Luckily for these sharks, they only have to be careful when they are young. When they are fully grown, they are the top predators in the area that they swim. Because they can live for up to 16 years, it means that they have a lot of time to enjoy being the king of the ocean.

The survival of such a wonderful species is very important. Because they are only able to have a small number of young at once, this means that laws have had to be put in place to ensure that the species is able to survive. These laws should mean that we are all able to observe the evolution of the species in years to come; and this is very important, as they are an incredibly impressive animals.



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