How Do I Free Up Space On My Hard Drive?

No matter how large your hard drive is, it’s amazing just how quickly it can get full. This article offers a few tips that will help you free up space on your hard drive. This should improve your storage capacity and the performance of your PC. Number 1- You can use the windows disc clean up feature. Click on Start or the Windows icon, All Programs, Accessories, System tools and then Disk Cleanup. When you do this, your windows system will display a list of files that can be removed. It will also show you the space that each one is taking up. You can highlight the categories to see just what will be deleted, should you choose this option. Make sure that you check the ones that you need to remove. Of course, if you randomly click this without knowing what’s in the files, then you are likely to lose some of the files that you need, so be careful before you get trigger happy with the mouse. When you have made that decision, click choose to remove the ones you don’t need. You will be asked by windows to confirm that this is what you want to do. Then, you can remove the files. After that you need to keep doing this for all the hard discs in your computer until you have finished.

Number 2 - Windows components are capable of taking up a lot of space that could be used elsewhere. Go to the disc clean up screen on your computer and then select the more options tab. You then need to choose the clean-up option that can be found underneath windows components. You will then be able to take a look at a list of the items that can be deleted.

If you are not a gamer and your computer has 10mb of games saved, then you can free up space by deleting them.  Anything that you have removed can be reinstalled at a later date, if you need to reverse this deletion. It’s a matter of personal preference really.

Number 3 - Make sure that you remove any unused applications on your computer. The longer that you use Windows the more you will fill up your computer with applications that you do not use, and that you won’t even notice if they are deleted. You can check out what you have installed by going to the clean-up option that can be found in the installed program's part of your computer. You can then select the add remove option, and delete any of the programs that you don’t need. To uninstall you will need to click change and then follow through with the directions that are provided by your computer.

Number 4- Another great way to free up space on your computer is to download WinZip and put all your documents into WinZip files. This feature is especially effective for those that have a lot of Word documents floating around on their computer. You will be amazed at just how much space can be created on your computer by doing this.

Then, when you have finished getting rid of all the things that you don’t need you will have to check that all the deleted files have gone and make sure to empty your recycle bin. Afterwards, select the defragment option and make sure to defragment all of your computer’s hard drives. In order to do this you need to visit the my computer section and right-click the computer drive option. You, then select properties and the tool tab, pressing defragment now.

You will notice that by following the simple steps listed in this article that your computer will run faster, it will have a lot more space on there to use. Also, you will be able to access the files that you actually need and want to use a great deal easier when you have removed all of the items that you really don’t need.




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