Handwriting Exercises for Adults

It is primarily during the childhood years that good handwriting skills are taught. With the use of computer technology, becoming so prominent, adults are often losing their ability to write legibly and can develop handwriting that is messy and sloppy. In addition, if they had developed bad habits in childhood, these habits can become ingrained and are even more difficult to break later on in life. Not every written message can be delivered by means of a computer and there are some circumstances where a handwritten note is required. So it is important that adults undertake some handwriting exercises so as to improve the legibility of their writing, increase the speed and fluency of their writing and learn how to hold the pen properly. Adults are then able to create documents that look professional, when handwritten. Even a simple signature or form filled out in your local bank should be done professionally in neat handwriting, in order to present yourself in a business-like manner.

One of the fastest ways to improve your handwriting is through the use of handwriting worksheets. You can see a sample of what that looks like in the picture below. What you do, is to trace over the words. I have some worksheets below that you can open with your browser(if it is able to) or open with a free pdf reader like Adobe Reader. You then print them and you can start tracing over the words.

If you want me to post more, request it in the comment section.

Handwriting excercise sample

Handwriting excercise sample

Adults may have problems with writing certain letters and one exercise you can do is a letter repetition exercise. With this exercise, you start at the beginning of the alphabet and write an upper and lower case “A” say three or four times and then move on to the next letter, when you feel you have mastered the writing of that letter. You move through the alphabet and have the opportunity to write all the letters in both upper and lower case. By doing this it enables the hand to become accustomed to writing each letter and you can concentrate on the letters with which you have trouble.

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Another exercise involves speed writing. You may be able to write legibly when you are writing slowly, but write somewhat illegibly when you need to write in a hurry. An exercise in speed writing can help with this. What you do is to select a sentence then you write it as fast as is possible. You need to write this sentence several times until it is legible. At this point, you can move onto the next sentence to. Eventually, you will be able to write legibly at a rapid pace when the occasion calls for it, like taking down a phone message or directions over the phone on how to do something. This is a particularly good way to practice writing, for those that have jobs that require writing quickly like secretaries or doctors. Everyone always comments on how bad doctors' handwriting is.

Another problem that adults encounter in their hand writing is with the spacing of words. Words that are spaced too close together make handwriting illegible. An activity that involves even spaces can help adults to make their hand writing more legible. In this exercise, you write a paragraph and try to keep the space between each word one-half inch, without using a ruler, only using the eye of the writer. Eventually, over time, each word will stand on its own in a sentence, and the words will not be grouped too closely so that sentences, and the individual words will become easier to read.

Hand writing exercises for adults should also concentrate on using pens rather than pencils. Using each of the implements is a slightly different skill and adults are more likely use pens. Some pens are easier to write with than others, so you should try out a variety of pens such as ink and gel pens, to see which one makes it easier to write and produces penmanship that is more legible. Fountain pens can psychologically force you to write more neatly, because you have to take care not to make a mess, when using a fountain pen.

The long and short of it is that in order an adult to improve their hand writing skills, you need to be serious about putting in the effort to practice regularly. You could also consider taking a course or purchasing books that specialise in hand writing exercises.

Hold your pen the right way

Hold your pen the right way



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