YouTube Bans WatchMojo and Similar Channels


The Youtube WatchMojo channel was restored today. What happened was that 3 automated copyright claims triggered at the same time and that cause YouTube to close the channel automatically.


If, like me, you are a WatchMojo subscriber you will have noticed that their channel has been removed by YouTube. With the message: “YouTube account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including: •  SOFA Entertainment • Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp • UEFA”

The type of video WatchMojo creates would be something like ‘Top 10 Sherlock Holmes Portrayals’ or ‘Top 10 Movie Womanizers’. While they count down their lists they would show you bits of relevant video in the background. This is completely legal, many TV shows do it. The legal term for it is: fair use. It makes no sense to discuss a movie, video game, song or TV show without showing viewers what you are talking about.

Of course you can’t show the whole product. The creators of the content own it and have the right to earn money from people viewing it.

If you have been following YouTube, they have recently had a massive automated crackdown. Large businesses have submitted all of their content to YouTube and if any of it is recognised, by the software, your YouTube video is removed. If this happens a few times, the channel is closed. The technical side of it has been buggy with people claiming content they don’t own and content being flagged erroneously.

Businesses have also been submitting manual complaints. This system is open to massive abuse as businesses have gone and launched complaints against videos that criticize their product and left videos that recommend their game, music, movie or other content alone.

I don’t make my living from Youtube, but if you do it’s a very scary time to be a YouTube contributor. Remember WatchMojo was a huge channel, what chance do smaller channels have. If you want to hear from someone who does and who has been burned by Youtube, you can watch the Angry Joe rant video below. Be warned he really is angry about this.

So what can you do? Well you could go to’s website and bookmark the site. Watch their videos on their site. Maybe you could send an email to YouTube and tell them you think their decision making has been immoral.

Ultimately upsetting customers and content creators can’t be good for Youtube. Maybe some content and eyeballs will go to the competition. Maybe We’ll see.




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