Interested in learning how to live a good and healthy life, and in sharing tips with others. I've lived here and there. I now live in Bucharest, Romania.



Are MOOCs Worth It?
Are MOOCs (massive open online courses) a viable alternative to traditional higher education? Not yet, but maybe soon, unless you attend a really good school
Old-Fashioned Tips for Organic Gardening
Use hay mulch for strawberries and garlic tea to help them resist mold; try field horsetail to fight fungi, and tobacco spray to fight aphids, etc.
Clean Windows and Remove Mold the Natural Way
Nettles clean windows beautifully; onions, homemade soap, vinegar, and wood ash are a natural alternative to bleach; ammonium chloride and salt remove mold, etc
Herbal Remedies for Strengthening Your Gums and Treating Halitosis
Mint and sage strengthen gums; arnica treats halitosis; linden tea helps with swollen feet; sage, tea tree oil, and honey clears your skin of impurities, etc.
Natural Remedies for Hypotension and Gas-Free Bowels
Cabbage can help headaches; rosemary and white wine lowers high blood pressure; cumin, fennel seeds, and star anise get rid of stomach gas, etc.
Jenny Holzer's Truisms. Short Bio of Jenny Holzer
Jenny Holzer is an American artist who made a name for herself in the nineteen-eighties with conceptual art – specifically, her aphoristic messages (truisms).
There's Hope for Some Stroke Victims: CI Therapy
The story of Michael Bernstein, who suffered a stroke, and of Edward Taub, a neuropsychologist who developed constraint-induced therapy.