I have too many interests to list. Arguably that's why I enjoy spending time writing about my interests and experiences.

I enjoy writing articles that inform, but are also easy and fun to read.

I have recently become more serious about work and family, but I will always find time to write.




YouTube Bans WatchMojo and Similar Channels
YouTube has been purging channels and videos from their site. Even shutting down large sites like
Introduction to Earning From Home
Thinking about earning money by working from home? In this article I introduce you to the basics.
Is Wordpress or Static HTML Better for a Business Website?
Find out whether static HTML or Wordpress is the right option for your business website.
Best Free to Play Online Card Game
In this article I share my best free to play card game pick and I tell you why I love this game.
How to Give Discounts the Right Way
Learning to implement discounts the right way is a critical part of turning your business into a success.
What Kind of Coffee Grinder Should I Get?
Serious about your coffee? Find out all you need to know about the different kinds of coffee grinders.
Is Legit?
Is legit or is it a big scam. In this article I share my personal experiences working with
Pros and Cons of Online Education vs. Traditional Education
Considering the pros and cons of online education vs. a more traditional education is an important factor in planning your education path.
What to Look for When Buying Second Hand Car
Buying the wrong second hand car is a mistake you can't afford to make. Let me show you what to look for in a second hand car.
Pros and Cons of Diesel and Petrol Cars
Comparing the pros and cons of diesel and petrol cars will help you make an informed buying decision.
Most Popular Web Programming Languages 2014
If you develop applications using web programming languages, keeping an eye on the popularity of these languages is critical to your planning.
Bringing Home a Second Cat
Introducing a new cat to your existing one can be tricky, particularly if your cat is the territorial type. These easy tips will give you the best shot.
How to Become a Better Essay Writer
Learning to consistently write great essays is one of the most important skills a writer can learn. All writers will benefit from reading this article.
Sharing Your Writing Online
Find out how to publish your articles online and free. It couldn't be easier. Join our writers community today.
Sand Tiger Shark Facts for Kids
Sand tiger sharks are some of the oceans most interesting predators. Find out more about these exciting creatures.
What is a Ponzi Scheme in Simple Terms
Is your money safe from Ponzi Schemes? In this article I explain what a Ponzi Scheme is in simple terms and I take a look at how you can avoid them.
Handwriting Exercises for Adults
Want to improve your handwriting skills? If you put in the time, handwriting exercises will greatly improve anyone's handwriting.
How to Write a Novel Step by Step
Writing a novel is a major undertaking. By breaking the process into smaller steps you make writing a novel much easier.
How Do I Free Up Space On My Hard Drive?
Cleaning up your hard drive can free up a lot of space quickly and easily.
Roman Battles in England
Take a closer look at the major battles fought by the Romans in England. Find out how these battles shaped modern England.
Top 10 Places to Visit in Northern Ireland
In my opinion Northern Ireland has some of the best looking countryside in all of Europe. Here are 10 places you absolutely have to visit.
Top 10 Programming Languages 2014
I take a look at the top 10 options for programmers in 2014. Find out what these languages have to offer you.
Where did the Romans settle in Britain?
In my opinion the invasions and colonisation of Britain, by the Romans, is one of the most fascinating parts of European history.
Tips for Cruising with Toddlers
As all parents know going on a holiday with your toddler can be problematic. If decide to use my tips your cruise will be both easy and fun.