Weave Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Many women these days are looking to not only make their hair longer but thicker as well, to add volume and give their hair a new lift and style. Weave hair extensions, sometimes known as hair extensions, are pieces of either synthetic or human hair that are attached to a woman’s head of hair. They are either sewn in, glued in or clipped in depending on how permanent you want the weave to be. These hair extensions can also be used to add coloured highlights or to add some length or volume to hair on a temporary basis, perhaps for a special occasion. There are many different types of hair, different methods of attaching the hair and different levels of permanence, so weave hair extensions can be customised for any need or preference.

One of the pros of hair extensions is that they are available in a variety of colours so that one does not need to colour one’s hair in order to match the extension. They are also available in many hair thicknesses and types of hair so that you can be assured that the extension will match your natural hair and not be obvious. The change is also immediate and so very satisfying, which is good news for women whose hair is short and want it longer without having to wait months until it grows in or for women who had a haircut that was shorter than they wanted and also do not want to wait until their hair grows back naturally. Weave hair extensions come in lengths of up to 30 inches, so women are certain to find a length that will meet their needs.

If you have coloured and permed your hair for many years in order to get the desired style, hair can become damaged and weak and a weave hair extension can protect your natural hair.

As the braids are bound into the hair, the weave hair extension is the part of the hair that is more exposed to your styling products, leaving the natural hair somewhat protected while the hair weave is in the hair. Some women like to have weave hair extensions so that they can allow their natural hair to return to its original strength and style.

One of the cons of weave hair extensions is that their cost can be rather high. The cost can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on the amount of hair in the extension, the type and grade of the hair that is used and how they are attached. If you are looking to make these extensions a more permanent part of your hair style, then the cost of maintenance, every six to eight weeks also needs to be added in. A great deal of your time also needs to be considered, as the initial set up for a hair extension can be four to six hours and can cost up to 200 GBP minus the hair.

A hair weave extension can also be painful, particularly if it is sewn in. After the hair, extension is in the proper position, the hair stylist first has to braid the hair tightly along the scalp and then sew the hair tracks into the braids. There is a lot of braiding and pulling involved, which can be very painful. If not done correctly, weave hair extensions that are sewn in can be too tight and cause headaches and as the natural hair grows in the extensions can become more visible. Bonded hair extensions or glued-in extensions can be less painful. The latter can be better hidden as one’s natural hair grows in, but can be more harmful to scalp and hair. Like any beauty treatment, hair extensions also have horror stories behind them and unfortunately, there are a few stories floating around that happened in the UK. Such as the story about the lady who wanted hair extensions and the stylist sewed them so hard, pulling the hair that her hair actually got ripped out from the root. After the extensions were removed, she had bald patches underneath.




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