Signs She's Playing Hard to Get

The dating game can be very tricky, stressful, and sometimes even confusing. When a guy approaches a woman in a romantic way, he can expect three different scenarios. Firstly she may be completely uninterested and say no to the guy right away. Secondly she may be quite interested and give him her number and a time when they could go out. Lastly but not as unlikely as you may think, a woman may play hard to get.

Why would a woman play hard to get?

She may play hard to get for a number of different reasons. The first possible reason could be that she does not want to come off as desperate, as this can take the romance right out of a relationship. A woman may also be trying to find out how badly you really want her and to figure out whether a suitor is worth her time. After all, a man that will try his hardest to get her attention must really be interested in her and not after just one thing. Knowing the difference between a woman who is simply uninterested and a woman who is playing hard to get is an important factor in your dating success.

Uninterested or playing hard to get?

Uninterested or playing hard to get?

Is she too busy to date?

The first sign that a woman may be playing hard to get is when she acts overly busy and her schedule appears booked for days, yet she still tries to make plans for the 2 of you. When you give her a call, she may not answer the phone and let it go straight to voice mail a couple of times. Upon calling you back she may tell you how busy she was and claim that she didn't have time to call you, until now.

When you finally decide to ask her out on a date, she may imply that her schedule is booked for at least a week, maybe more- but she will make time for you on Friday night.

She may throw you for a loop

At this point you are probably feel good that she finally set a date for you two to meet up. However, keep in mind that you might end up getting a call from her telling you that she cannot make the date, because something has come up. While this is a very risky route on the woman's part, it happens rather often. After canceling your date she will mention another time for you two to meet; and this time, she will more than likely arrive.

Can she tease you till you lose control?

A woman playing hard to get may come across as overly flirty. She may try and tease the man chasing her as much as she can in an attempt to provoke passion, even lust. She will smile at you every chance she gets, tap you gently on the shoulder when you make a joke. She may even look deep into your eyes with passion. However, when things seem to be going well, the woman will suddenly pull away and act like nothing ever happened. At this point she may ignore you almost completely, or act overly friendly with someone else. This stage of the hard to get game is simply to keep you guessing and wanting more.

Jealousy is one of the easiest ways to ignite passion inside someone, and the hard to get woman, knows it. For this reason, she may decide to talk about other guys who she knows, telling you how handsome or funny they are. However, she will never say anything about liking them intimately. She would only talk about these men to see how you respond. Be ready for her moves.


A woman that is playing hard to get will always be friendly and flirty with you and talk about possible dates. A woman who is uninterested altogether will not be very friendly, never flirt with you in any way and will never be available for phone calls, dates, or even text messages. A woman who is playing hard to get wants you to prove to her that you really want a meaningful relationship, rather than a one night stand. If she is truly worth it, you will just have to put in the extra effort.




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