Really Nice Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Everyone likes to feel special, particularly when it comes to relationships. Ensuring that your partner feels loved and deeply cared for will not only enhance their confidence, but will also increase the chances for a successful and long lasting relationship. If you are stuck and can’t seem to think of any really nice things to say to your boyfriend, this list might help you. One basic thing that everyone loves to hear is the simple ‘I love you’. Said in an endearing way that is full of passion and desire, this can be a really nice thing to say to your boyfriend, that will certainly make him feel cared for. If the simple ‘I love you’ just isn’t enough for you and your man, try sprucing it up a bit with your own touch. Consider using other phrases along with I love you, such as I love you more than (your favourite item or food) or I love you more than you could ever imagine. How ever you decide to say it and how long the actual statement is, make sure you say it with meaning. Look deep into his eyes and put as much passion into the phrase as possible, and you will really make him happy.
Men like to be seen as strong

Everyone likes to hear that they are the best- either at a specific task or in general. One really nice thing to say to your boyfriend is that he is the best. If he is working on his car in the driveway, walk out and tell him he is the best at working on cars. If you guys are making love under the sheets, look into his eyes and tell him he is the best at making love (men really love that one). Another option is to simply tell him he is the best boyfriend you could have ever asked for, preferably said in a classy setting when it is just the two of you, say at Friday night’s dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town.

Men and women can both agree that hearing that they are good looking is an instant mood lifter; and when it comes from someone you love, it makes it that much better. If you really want to say something extremely nice to your boyfriend, let him know how handsome he is. Tell him his hair is nice, or that you really like that shirt on him. If these basic compliments are not enough, try sprucing them up with a couple adjectives. For instance: ‘I like your shirt’ can easily become, ‘I love that fantastic shirt pressed against your muscular bod, so provocatively’. Which ever way you decide to say it, he will love the compliment and you will instantly make his day.

Besides wanting to be the best at everything and be the most handsome man on the planet, men also want to be the strongest. Informing your man of how strong and masculine he is will surely make him feel happy and loved. As soon as he walks into the room, especially if he is not wearing a shirt, tell him how strong he is and how large his muscles have gotten. He will appear shocked, flex his muscles a couple of time (just for you, of course), and believe he is the strongest man on the planet. This not only means a happy boyfriend for hours to come, but a confident one that might want to take you somewhere special to show off.

One of the easiest ways to make your boyfriend happy is to tell him you do not mind if he goes out with his friends or if he plays video games.

Often times women overlook this easy way to make his day, but it is a sure fire way to make him smile from ear to ear. Hearing that you do not mind watching him play his boring video games or letting him out for a night with the guys will make him feel happy that you are a confident woman that does not need to control him- and men love that. By simply letting your boyfriend have some freedom to do things he loves, you two can enjoy more quality time together.

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