Pros and Cons of Sports in School

Both parents and their teachers care about the development of children. It is therefore not surprising that they have spirited debates about the pros and cons of sports in schools. After all sports offer a great opportunity for children to grow physically, emotionally and mentally. On the other hand there is the danger of long-term injury. Teens may also feel pressured to take dangerous substances to enhance their performance. In my opinion it becomes a question of balance. Also some sports are clearly more physical than others. Let's take a closer look at some pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.

First up, the personal development aspect of participating in sports in school can help kids obtain skills that can help them to be both good on the playing field, and off. Being in sports helps to train kids to have rules and discipline, the competitive aspect of the sports allows kids to be able to be responsible and get motivated. This helps them to be more disciplined in society. They also learn important lessons that will stick with them off the field in normal everyday life.

Secondly, the physical element for students is a great method of keeping fit. It encourages kids to have active lifestyles, and keep on the move. A lot of kids are widely exposed to things like films, media and TV and video games. These things can have them scoffing on snacks, gaining weight and of course being lazy. When a child takes part in sports, the body releases extra endorphins and adrenaline helping them to be more active. It is also proven that the chemicals are released when one is exercising. This helps them to feel happy. It decreases the chance of having a depressive state of mind that can lead kids to taking drugs. It’s not uncommon to see groups of kids on the streets in the UK that have turned to drugs, smoking, drinking, etc. This is usually because they have a lack of activities to participate in, or purely because they choose not to take part in them and as a result look for other methods of entertainment.

Preparation for College and Further Education

By allowing your kids to take part in sports in schools, in effect, it helps them to prepare for college and university. Your child will  be able to list all the sports and activities during, and after school that he or she took part in. This helps to prove that a child has dedication and the ability to stick to their goals. It also shows that kids have the ability to be able to manage things both inside the classroom, and outside, including test scores, courses and of course grades. Some talented and hard working kids will be offered athletic scholarships. 

The Cons

Of course, there are also cons that are associated with sports in school. Sports can sometimes encourage a student to become preoccupied, and it can overshadow their academic efforts. I can remember how a student that went to school with me, focused on his athletics at the cost of his studies.

Participating in school sports can put pressure on kids to be the best, to look good, to always win and not to be a 'loser'. This of course is not always possible and can cause feelings of inadequacy. In girls, in particular; it could lead to eating disorders.

Some students have been known to turn to taking drugs to enhance their performance, things like steroids are shockingly easy to obtain and are a considerable danger to a growing child’s health.

Next, there is the injury element to consider. If a child gets injured, then it can be a long-term problem. Ligaments, muscles and joints all grow while your child is at school. By overusing the muscles and body parts it can result in injury that will prevent your child from participating in their sport, in the future.

As with anything sports has its pros and its cons, although I think that when the fitness element and teaching a child to have an activity to stick to is considered, the pros outweigh the cons.



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I think these are true
I think this is a great story when you are talking about pros but you seemed biased, basically not fair to both judgments. But this does help get a first look into the debate of school sports.
i agree with them both
If feel like your wrong about the cons of this story because it all depends on the performer not the sport and what there decisions are but the article/storyits self was stillv ok


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