Not coming back to work after maternity leave

When you have just had a baby, you are automatically entitled to a certain amount of paid leave, from your job. This usually means that you have the time to get to know your baby, and get settled into a new routine. However, many women decide that they would not like to go back to work at all. In this article I will try to help you to come to the right decision, and also help you think about what you would need to do if you choose not to go back.

The first thing that you need to think about is the reason that you don’t want to go back. There are many people who get used to being at home to the point that the thought of going back to work scares them. It can feel like getting an entirely new job. However, if this is the case, then you should talk to your employer about it. They should be able to help you to cope with the return, and they would be able to give you plenty of information about what has changed, and whether your role would be exactly the same or slightly altered. You should not let your emotions make decisions for you, especially not fear.

Many mums take up part time work after pregnancy. Maybe talking to your employer about working 3 days a week, could be the right decision for you.

If you are worried about who would look after your child, if you go back to work, then it is vital that you do some research. If you have a large family, you might find that they will be more than willing to help you out. Otherwise, you might have to consider finding a day-care centre for your child. If you make this choice, then you need to ensure that you are sending them to a place that you’re fully comfortable with. You should visit a number of different day care centres, and ask plenty of questions from the staff, so that you would know what to expect.

If after carefully thinking about the pros and cons and the needs of both you and your child, you are certain that not going back to work is the right thing to do. Then there are some steps you need to take.

The first thing that you have to do is to inform your employer that you are not planning to return to your job. You should not be worried about doing this, as chances are the person who covered your role during your maternity leave would be more than happy to take on the role on a full time basis. You should always leave on good terms with your boss, as this means that there might be a chance of a job in the future when your child is a little older.

The second thing that you need to think about is how you’re going to cope financially. If you are losing a full wage, then you may find that it is a struggle. You should sit down and work out everything that you spend each month, and the amount of money that you would have spare at the end of it. Sometimes you will find that it simply isn’t financially viable to even consider this as an option. There is a chance that you might be entitled to some kind of benefits, so this is an avenue worth exploring. You could even consider working from home if you have any skills that you could use to your advantage, as this means that you would be able to spend time with your baby and earn money whilst you were doing it.

The final thing that you should think about is yourself. Although you might think that you would like to spend a lot of time at home with your baby, the novelty can wear off and you may become lonely. You should make sure that you keep in contact with your friends as much as possible, and also take your child to social groups if there are any available in your area. Providing that you take this advice on board, you should find that you’re able to leave your job after having your maternity leave without it having a negative impact on your life. This means that you would be able to have the quality time with your child that is vital during the early years of its life.




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