Narcissistic Personality Disorder Relationships

When it comes to relationships there can be many twists and turns. That is why relationships require so much dedication and work. If one person in a relationship has a personality disorder, it becomes much more difficult to make a relationship succeed. Before you can deal with a narcissistic personality, you really have to understand how they think. Narcissism is a personality disorder, what it means is that an individual believes that they are better than others and should be treated better accordingly, because their self worth is so much higher. These individuals have an extreme preoccupation with themselves, which makes it easy to identify once this person enters into an exclusive relationship. They will talk endlessly about how great they are and about all of the wonderful things they have accomplished in life. Narcissistic individuals will typically react very harshly to any type of criticism, responding with rage or attempt to humiliate the one who criticised them. They will try their best to take advantage of all those they come into contact with, especially their significant others, in an effort to achieve goals of their own. With a constant need for attention and admiration, they tend to disregard the feelings of those around them, even when they are confronted. Extreme narcissists are easy to spot, but borderline cases are harder to identify. We all have some sense of self-worth so some narcissistic symptoms may show in people who are not narcissists.

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Victims of a narcissistic relationship will usually not notice their partners narcissism for quite some time. In fact, at first it may seem charming as the narcissistic individual will take pride in themselves and seem to have a good head on their shoulders. However, as the relationship progresses the victim will begin to realize that their feelings and thoughts do not mean anything to their partner. The relationship will not have any type of teamwork; instead, they will begin to notice their partner is too preoccupied worrying about themselves and their goals rather than the success of the relationship.

Once an individual notices the narcissism, they will undoubtedly feel alone, lost. They may hope to fix the relationship or get out of it as soon as possible. While trying to fix the situation seems like the best options, the problem with narcissistic individuals is that they are usually not open to change, so the relationship will stay the same. The best thing this individual can do is leave the relationship completely and move on with their lives.

The first step to leaving the relationship and finding recovery is realization. In this step, the individual must look back at the relationship and go through the different aspects to focus on the NPD symptoms. They must realize that their partner was acting inappropriately and it was not their fault in the slightest. Realization is a very important step as many will stay in denial about the NPD altogether.

Once the realization has been made and the individual has come to terms with their past struggle, the true healing process can begin. This individual may become incredibly angry, both at themselves for not noticing and fixing the problem sooner and at their ex partner for treating them the way they did. The best way to get through this part of the healing process is to surround yourself with supportive individuals who will listen to you and give you strength. One may opt to talk with friends, family members, a professional therapist, or within a support group. It is important to remember that this step will require a lot of talking.




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