How to Write Book Reviews for Kids

Writing anything for a child is a little challenging. First of all, you need to think like the audience that you are writing for. Sometimes adults forget and use language that doesn’t appeal to kids. This article shares a few tips about how to write book reviews for kids. First up, when writing anything for anyone no matter what age they are, you need to engage the reader. This is especially true when it comes to kids. You need to write something that is appealing to the child. Don’t write using long sentences and hard to understand phrases. A child is a mini adult but at the same time when he or she reads something, it has to be humorous, and appealing. It needs to stand out to the child in order for them to get drawn in and continue to read to the end.

Kids have a short span of patience. If you present them with a full blown-out essay, then the chances are that it will not get read through to the end. Writing a book review for a child should be enticing. You need to think about the book that you have read. Mention any of the characters that were in there. Write about the story that happened in the book that would make the kids want to read it.

The old saying about not judging a book by its cover is true. However, if the book review is boring and waffles on, then children will never read the book! Kids love things that make them giggle. You should try to use humour when writing a kids book review. Think about all the things in the book that will draw them in and keep them enchanted. Have a brainstorm about the characters in the book. Was there a goodie a baddie? Kids love phrases like that. If you refer to the goodie and baddie as evil or hero, then it’s not really appealing text to a child.  Carefully list the names of the children who appeared in the book that you are reviewing. Where did the story take place? Was it located on an enchanting island, a fairy-tale castle or some kind of local area in and around the UK? All of this is very interesting for a little one to read about.

Children love to learn, and they will buy books that they feel are written for them. When writing a book review for a child you should also make sure that you start with an opening paragraph, some kind of a teaser to make the child feel that the rest of the content is worth reading. Furthermore, you should close on a note that makes the reader curious. You need to close not telling them what happens at the very end of the book. That is a great teaser and will make sure that the reader of your review will go out and buy the book.

Writing for kids is the same as providing content for adults you just need to take time to write the content. Review it yourself and don’t think about posting a review that you would not consider or even give the time of day yourself. When you have completed the review make sure that you put a picture of the book at the top. An image will always make the review all the more appealing.

You should try your best to capture a screen shot of the front of the book, and the back of the book too. That way, it will be easily recognisable in the shops and if your reader decides to purchase the book then it will be easy for them to do so. Also, another thing that a lot of reviewers forget is to include the price of the item and of course where you can buy it from. The RRP in the UK should be listed in the review as well and any of the stores that sell the book. Shops like Borders, WH Smith, etc. You should really aim to make the review offer all the info that could possibly be needed. The child should be able to walk away from the review knowing what to expect, where to get the item from and of course how much it costs. Think carefully before you write a kids book review. Good luck!

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