How To Bleach Hair Naturally at Home

Many people, particularly women, still like that sun-kissed blonde look. These days we are however more aware of the potential damage some of the commercial products can cause to your hair. There are many ways you can use to bleach hair naturally at home that have a less dramatic bleaching effect and they are also less expensive. Many of the items that can be used are found in a local grocery or health store, so you do not need to spend a lot of time tracking these products down. It is very easy to do and once you try it you will never go back to using potentially harmful chemicals. One of the methods that is commonly used to bleach hair naturally, which works for hair that is a dark shade of blonde or a light shade of brown is to use lemon juice. The bleaching effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun is accelerated by the citric acid in the lemon juice.

For this method, you need some lemon juice, olive oil, water and a spray bottle. The spray bottle should be half-filled with lemon juice, then one tablespoon of water added to it and then the rest filled with water. Shake the bottle well to ensure that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Then apply the solution to the hair until it is damp. Concentrate, on the longer parts of the hair, rather than the scalp.

Then go out in the sun for about 30 minutes until the hair is dry. This mixture can be remade and re-applied until the desired lightness of colour in the hair is achieved. Then shampoo and apply conditioner to the hair so as to prevent the hair from getting dull and dry. Of course, you will smell like a lemon for 30 minutes, but it’s better than the smell of peroxide!

Another way to bleach hair naturally at home is to use chamomile, which is somewhat less harsh than lemon juice and reduces concerns regarding over exposure. The process is similar to that of using lemon juice except that you have to brew the chamomile tea first. Also, the entire spray bottle can be filled with the chamomile tea as it is mostly water. The hair is then sprayed with the tea until it is damp but not wet. Then you go out into the sun until the hair is dry, and the desired colour is achieved.

Darker shades of hair are somewhat harder to bleach as the shades of hair that result can be more orange in colour, rather than blonde. You should test out any method on a sample of your hair first to ensure it provides the result desired and prevents a headful of hair in the wrong colour. After all red is not for everyone.

One method that can be used for darker shades of hair is rhubarb along with some lemon juice. First, a couple of pieces of rhubarb are pureed in a blender so as to produce rhubarb juice. This juice is filled one-third of the way into the spray bottle; another third is filled with lemon juice, and the final third is filled with water. You need to shake the bottle well before applying the mixture to the hair and then going out in the sun until the hair is dry. Once dry, the hair should be shampooed, and conditioner applied and dried with a towel. Using the rhubarb increases the bleaching effect of the lemon juice.


You can also use a combination of honey and conditioner to bleach hair naturally at home. The two can be mixed in a bowl and applied to the hair-like shampoo. The mixture can then be left on the hair for about a half-hour and then rinsed out. This process removes the need to be in the sun to bleach the hair but is still effective.

It all depends on what lengths you are prepared to go to in order to get your bleach blonde hair. As they say, beauty often comes with a price tag, and natural hair dyes beat using the shop bought ones.




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