Fun Romantic Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

A long distance relationship, while difficult, isn’t impossible. To make it work you need to put lost of time and effort into keeping the romance going. This article will help you, by considering some of the elements of a long distance romance and by giving you some good long distance romance ideas.

Trust is a critical element of any long distance relationship. I have personally seen long distance relationships fail, because the trust between two people broke down. In your romantic gestures keep this in mind. Reassure them that you trust them and that you are trustworthy.

The mind
As you cannot physically touch your partner, that leaves only their mind to work with. Fortunately the mind is much more powerful, than anything else, when it comes to romance.

I know that there are many substitutes for letters, but to me there is nothing that can replace it, as a long distance romantic token. You could try spraying your letters with the perfume or cologne or putting on some lipstick and signing your letter with a kiss. Of course you don’t want to throw your letters away. One day you could bind them together into a book commemorating your relationship.

Do some baking

Put together a care package for your man. Bake some cookies and put in a few things he loves in there. Maybe include a picture of yourself and some of his favorite food.

care package - long distance romance idea

Get a webcam and a microphone
Long distance telephone calls are very expensive. If you each get a webcam and microphone you can chat for hours and it will be included in your internet bill. It is much easier to have a good conversation if you can read the facial expression of the person to whom you are talking.

Have a date
Order some pizza or another of your favorite foods for your partner. Then have a date with them over the phone or webcam.

If you have a video camera
Record a romantic poem or message and then send the video to your partner. If you have trouble writing, you can use some of the classic writers to help inspire you.

Send her flowers
Contact a local company to deliver flowers to her, include a romantic note.

Play an online game together
If you are gamers consider joining an online game in which you can both participate. For instance Second Life. You can make your character do just about any thing in Second Life, which you can do in real life. You might put together a house of your own. Then cook a meal and have a virtual date.

Play a game
There are several games like chess or checkers, that you two can play over the phone or webcam.

Make a mix tape
Burn some of your favorite songs onto a CD and send it to your love.

I hope you have found our long distance romance ideas helpful in keeping your long distance relationship interesting.



This Hub made me smile! My partner and I started as a long distance romance...long nights travelling the motorway network! We found the ultimate solution...move in together! I hope this helps!


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